With a safe feeling into the summer vacations

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Protect material valuables from theft while on vacation and keep them safe – in a safe deposit box.

Berlin, June 12, 2023. Vacation at last! For many, this also means packing their bags and going on vacation: leaving their own four walls and enjoying a change of air. This is exactly what thieves are waiting for. Especially during the summer vacations, thieves prefer to take the opportunity to break into empty apartments or houses during the day. Then there is enough time to search for gold, money and valuables.

Permanently lowered shutters, the car parked in the same place for days, an overflowing mailbox and no light in the rooms in the evening – all this tells burglars that the conditions for entry are ideal. The 2022 police crime statistics show that burglaries and attempted burglaries in German single- and multi-family homes increased by 21.5 percent compared to the previous year. In the process, the criminals caused damage of more than EUR 280 million.*

“Every year, the police find that empty houses and apartments attract burglars during the summer vacations. These criminals know every hiding place – no matter how fancy it may be. Therefore, the clear recommendation is to keep the really valuable things safe away from home over the vacations,” says Werner Jantosch, former Hamburg police chief and Trisor advisory board member.

A secure storage option for jewelry, heirlooms, crypto wallets, personal keepsakes and important documents is a safe deposit box. Inside, the precious commodity lies in a certified safe, constantly guarded. However, more and more bank branches are closing and correspondingly fewer safe deposit boxes are available. In addition, a safe deposit box must usually be rented for a period of one year.

The bank-independent safe deposit box specialist Trisor offers in its branches in Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Hamburg and Cologne the possibility to protect personal valuables in a high-security safe even for a short period of time. In a discreet, luxurious design ambience, safe deposit boxes can be easily rented from Trisor in three different sizes, including insurance. The lockers can be cancelled on a monthly basis. The reservation is made conveniently online, the activation is made on site. With a 3-factor authentication consisting of fingerprint, pin and smart card, the personal locker is accessible 24/7. A robot moves the locker to a discreet, spacious individual booth. The certified guard service is always on site. During service hours, trained personnel are also available to provide sound advice. So you can face the vacation season without worries.

*Source: Police Crime Statistics 2022, https://www.polizei-dein-partner.de/themen/einbruchschutz/einbruchschutz-intensiv/detailansicht-einbruchschutz-intensiv/artikel/einbruch-statistik.html

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