Trisor Group expands abroad

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Joint offering to meet high demand for modern, safe and
bank-independent safekeeping of valuables in Greece,
Cyprus and Malta serve. TRISOR continues its successful course and expands

Berlin/Athens, August 29, 2023. TRISOR, leading bank-independent
provider of safe deposit boxes in Germany, and AANG Holdings Group Ltd,
Specialized in the digitization and secure storage of documents
as well as secure-tech solutions, are forming a strategic joint venture to provide 24/7
to offer accessible lockers in Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

The closure of numerous branches has reduced the availability of
safe deposit boxes in Greece and the region significantly limited.
In Greece alone, the number of bank branches has increased from 2012, when 22 banking institutions were
and 3,500 branches were actively operating in the country, to only 11 institutes today.
and 1,500 branches decreased. Accordingly, the range of
Safe deposit boxes scarce. Both companies are now bundling their respective
expertise to meet the high demand for a secure storage facility for
Valuables, gold and documents in Greece, Cyprus and Malta
as well as other safe storage applications, such as last-mile storage.
Offer logistics for valuables.

“TRISOR is becoming an international brand. Greece, Cyprus and Malta are
very interesting markets for us, in which our partner AANG Holdings Group
knows his way around. Together, we plan over the next five years,
At least 20 locations with high-security vaults and 100,000
to open safe deposit boxes,” said Dr. Justus Westerburg, Managing Director
from TRISOR.

“In a high-tech society, customers expect to have access at all times to
have their valuables and understandably demand that these be
be protected at the highest level of security. We look forward to working with
TRISOR to work together to bring exactly this service to Greece.
bring By pooling our resources and expertise, we can
we will redefine the market for safe custody,” added
Christos A. Georgiou, Group Chief Risk Officer of AANG Holdings Group.

The strategic joint venture agreement was signed yesterday.
The first site in Athens is already in operational implementation.
For more information on product offerings in Greece, visit