Safe deposit box provider Trisor christens “Angela” and docks in Hamburg

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Berlin-based Trisor GmbH christened its vault at Hopfenmarkt “Angela” on September 28. Hamburg’s former police chief Werner Jantosch and star architect Hadi Teherani accompanied the christening.

Berlin / Hamburg, October 6, 2022 – Hamburg’s most modern safe deposit box facility is currently being built opposite the historic St. Nicolai memorial: after Berlin and Munich, Trisor is now also opening a store with 24/ access in Hamburg – in the middle of the city on Hopfenmarkt. Last Thursday saw the christening of the steel colossus that took three weeks to install: a massive structure made of 15-centimeter-thick reinforced concrete mix with special armoring and an unladen weight of over 100 tons. The opening is planned for January 2023, following completion of construction work for the correspondingly complex safety technology.

The company is already accepting reservations for safe deposit boxes via the website. From January, tenants will be able to access their lockers without having to make an appointment and without being bound to opening hours. A 3-factor authentication consisting of fingerprint, pin and chip card secures the valuable asset. The access data is guarded by a complex tech infrastructure with crypto encryption. The output of the safe-deposit boxes into discrete individual cubicles is fully automated by means of robotics. The site is secured from the inside and outside by VdS-certified security guards.

Safe haven
As of January, Hamburg residents can safely store papers, cash, physical valuables or mementos in one of the 5,600 safe deposit boxes of the bank-independent provider with day and night access. “The location at Hopfenmarkt is perfect for our vaults,” reports Dr. Justus Westerburg, Managing Director of Trisor GmbH. “We couldn’t have asked for a better location as well as the neighborhood and building conditions for our fourth store. Construction is progressing in great stages and we’re all really looking forward to the grand opening.”

“As an advisory board member, I advise the company on security issues and can recommend that all Hamburg residents store their valuables here at Hopfenmarkt,” reports Hamburg’s former police chief Werner Jantosch. He was present for the christening, as was the Trisor advisory board member Hadi Teherani. “I was convinced by the Trisor concept from the beginning and am just waiting for the Hamburg location to open so I can book my own safe deposit box,” he says. “More and more bank branches are closing and the concept of the 24/7 accessible safe deposit box is obvious.”

“After Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg, we are now also present in the north of the Republic with Hamburg and are continuing our expansion in Stuttgart, Cologne and Düsseldorf,” reports Marco Wild, Managing Director of Trisor GmbH. “We were able to implement our growth plans quickly and are in active cooperation talks with local banks in Hamburg. Thanks to our partnerships, Hamburgers don’t have to worry about being without a safe deposit box, despite branch closures by their local banks.”

Mobile power supply secures access to the safe deposit box even in the event of a blackout

Autonomous access to your own assets in the safe deposit box – around the clock. To ensure that Trisor can keep this customer promise when the Hamburg power grid reaches its load limits and the power supply wobbles in the fall and winter, the company provides a mobile power supply via an emergency generator. Rugged on the outside, the spacious Mercedes van houses a powerful generator on the inside. This ensures that even in the extreme event of a blackout, the digitally controlled safe system continues to operate and customers can access their safe deposit boxes without restriction. ” This is how we secure the supply for many days, if not weeks,” emphasizes Justus Westerburg.

About Trisor GmbH

Trisor GmbH is a Berlin-based secure tech company. Marco Wild, an economist and specialist in corporate expansion from Cologne, and Dr. Justus Westerburg, a finance and real estate expert, act as managing directors. They are rethinking the industry by offering independent, insured and fully automated safe deposit boxes with the highest level of security. Trisor provides its customers with prestigious locations in prime city center locations and a 24/7 digital service for storing their valuables. Following the opening of the first locations in the HGHI Tower in Berlin and the Brienner Hof in Munich, branches are currently being established in Nuremberg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne and Düsseldorf.