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The bank-independent safe deposit box – secure storage of valuables

Fire, water damage or burglary: there are numerous reasons not to store valuables, whether of personal or emotional value, in your own home. However, a private safe is not feasible for many tenants, in terms of acquisition and installation costs. In addition, with the increased bank deaths, more and more customers will lose their traditional safe deposit box. So where to put irreplaceable mementos, important documents or valuables in the form of precious metals?

We, Trisor GmbH, have found a solution to this problem. With us you can open a safe deposit box independently of your house bank. We are a nationwide, bank-independent provider and are therefore not subject to the usual reporting requirements for banks. Trisor provides customers with fully automated and state-of-the-art lockers. The locker facilities can be accessed at any time without advance notice, offer the highest level of security thanks to 15-cm-thick reinforced concrete walls, and are provided by robotics in an output compartment within a secure customer cabin. A comparable security level is not available for purchase by private individuals. The process from registration to opening your personal safe deposit box is quick and straightforward. Already after online registration and proof of identity on site, the locker can be used independently.

What belongs in a locker?

  • Jewelry, gold and other precious metals
  • Cash
  • Important documents and dispositions: Birth and marriage certificates, vehicle titles, insurance policies, testimonials, wills, living wills and other documents.
  • Personal mementos such as letters and photos
  • Data backups on USB sticks

What does not belong in a locker?

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Drugs
  • Living being
  • Radioactive material

No one has access to the personal locker apart from the contractually assigned person. Access rights to your safe deposit box at Trisor can be managed online at any time. That is, the owner can grant access to the locker to a new, additional person or deny access. The extended right of access by a second person is particularly recommended if documents such as a will or living will are kept in the safe deposit box. If the safe deposit box only allows access for one person, it is possible that no one will be able to access the documents in an emergency.

To access the locker, it is not necessary to adhere to any business hours. The personal belongings are accessible at any time you in a secure customer cabin. The locker systems are produced in Germany by one of Europe’s leading suppliers. As a customer, you are always on the safe side at our locations.

Our safe deposit system features a state-of-the-art, fully automated locker system that gives you 24/7 access to your valuables without compromising on security. Our vault is certified according to the ECB-S and consists of a combination of reinforced concrete and special diamond drilling protection. This security standard is otherwise only occasionally found in the most modern bank safe deposit boxes. ECB (ECB – European Certification Body) is an accredited and neutral certification body for physical security products. As a neutral certification body, ECB has over 50 years of experience in testing, certification and quality surveillance of security technology.

Our unique technology

  1. Innovative Robotics: Our innovative robotic technology allows you to safely and securely access your valuables through a multi-step biometric authentication process.
  2. First authentication: There is a two-step authentication process for entering the room using an ID card and logging in using a PIN code. You now have access to the self-service area.
  3. Second authentication: A second authentication process takes place in three stages using a chip card, PIN code and biometric scan (fingerprint).
  4. Verification by robotics: After successful verification by our robot that your locker is correct, your box will be transported to the issuing point and released.
  5. Opening of the output module: The shutter of the output module opens. You can now open your locker with your key and access the contents of your box.
  6. Transport back to the vault: You can then close the box again and instruct the terminal to transport it to the original position in the vault.

Your card is encrypted using an algorithm that, based on the current state of the art, is considered insurmountable and is used as a proven solution for secure encryption by various government agencies. You benefit from sophisticated security technology:

  • Your fingerprint is not stored in its entirety. Only certain features are extracted from your fingerprint, which are then matched.
  • Fingerprint and authentication data are always stored locally on the card. A centralized attack and the associated loss of data are ruled out.
  • Our access card is available in a designed version to avoid confusion of the cards. If you prefer to receive an anonymous variant, this is possible without any problems.

In addition, Germany’s leading insurance companies trust the security of our locations and offer insurance for your safe deposit box in cooperation with us. Every locker is automatically covered by our basic security. This reimburses you up to EUR 5,000 in the event of theft, vandalism or certain natural hazards. Additional coverage for your valuables is available up to €500,000. You can apply for this directly via your customer portal for 1.5 per mille of the insured value. With Trisor, your valuables are protected from fire/smoke, lightning, explosion and crashing aircraft and spacecraft, tap water, burglary and robbery.

Our first location is in the heart of Berlin – Bachstraße 12, 10555 Berlin. Due to our central location, we can be reached from most districts of Berlin in less than 20 minutes by car. You will meet two different people at our sites. Our reception staff, who will explain how the facility works and help you with any questions you may have, as well as our security guard staff, who will secure our location for you 24/7. Our receptionists are present Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 23:00 and are responsible for the implementation of the activation dates. If you have any questions after activation, our employees are always available to answer them. Our reception staff can be contacted either in person, on the phone or via e-mail and chat. The security guard is provided by one of the best-known security service providers and is present at the site with one employee Monday to Sunday around the clock. At particularly busy times, we supplement the on-site security guard with an additional person outside to provide maximum security when entering and exiting the site.

If you would like to see our location for yourself, we cordially invite you to visit our showroom (Bachstraße 12, 10555 Berlin). Optionally, you can also register for a locker quickly and easily via the following link.

We are looking forward to your visit!