Rent out your property – long-term and on appealing conditions

Trisor stands for the future of keeping valuables in custody independently of banks in safe deposit box facilities with 24/7 access and it is scouting for attractive spaces Germany-wide to build these facilities.
You can profit with Trisor as a solvent lessee from good lease conditions and a high-quality lessee improvement plan that adds value to your property.

You have a property or land that meets our criteria? We are looking forward to hear from you:

Marco Wild, CEO
Mail: marco.wild@trisor.de

Your Benefits

Good conditions

We are aiming for long-term leases with periods of more than 10 years and we pay a fair price for rent.

Adds value

Our premium location and security concept adds value to your property by an appealing appearance.

High quality

We finish the interior of our sites using high-quality materials. We receive support from the office of Hadi Teherani of Hamburg for our design concept.


With a Hamburg family office as strategic investor that is oriented on the long term, the Trisor Group has good financing and is a solvent lessee.

Professional leasing and finishing process

Preliminary survey – 1 week

Based on the plan documents, our architects will conduct a preliminary survey of your property within one week.

Draft concept – 2 weeks

If this preliminary survey has a positive result, our architects will prepare a draft concept for the planning of the leased space and the initial vault setup.

Structural analysis – 3 to 4 weeks

If the draft concept receives positive feedback, we will contract a structural engineer for the preparation of a structural analysis to confirm feasibility.

Lease agreement & construction application

In the time until we receive positive feedback from the structural engineer, we will finalize the concept for our site and negotiate the lease agreement. As soon as the lease agreement is signed, we will directly prepare the construction application and submit it in agreement with you. The subsequent finishing usually takes 6 months.

Our requirements

Our structural requirements for the building are very clearly defined and can be checked by our team within a short period of time, which involves no more than manageable effort for you.

Target cities
Major cities with 500,000 residents or more

Good central bright, visible and broadly developed location.
There is no gastronomy with outdoor seating or a pedestrian zone in the direct vicinity of the property. Good accessibility by car is required.

A size of 200-400 square meters, corner location or window façade with a length of at least 10m. Ideally 1-2 parking spaces directly on the property or in the building’s underground garage.

Structural requirements
Usable basement under the first floor area in the best case. An area on the first floor should ideally have only one basement level. Ceiling heights of at least 3.00 meters on the first floor. Ceiling heights of at least 2.40 meters in the basement.