A safe for Heinrich Heine

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In Düsseldorf, in the immediate vicinity of the Deutsche Oper and the Kunsthalle, a new high-security location of the safe deposit box provider Trisor is opening. 5,500 lockers will be available in the premium depot from Q2 2023 – thanks to robotics 24/7 at any time of day or night.

Berlin/Düsseldorf, August 2022. The rapid expansion of the specialist for value security Trisor is directly linked to the nationwide closure of bank branches: Due to the digitalization of financial institutions, more and more banks are doing without on-site service. As branches dwindle, so do safe deposit boxes. Gold, watches, papers and data carriers – all these haptic valuables still require safekeeping. After the successful start-up of the locations in Berlin and Munich, only other cities will follow, first and foremost Düsseldorf.

In the midst of Düsseldorf’s famous old town, between the Rhine and the Hofgarten at the pulse of the city, a safe place for valuable, personal and important things is created. The upcoming Trisor location in the new building complex of Heinrich-Heine-Allee offers security and privacy as well as an adequate flair – including interior design by star architect Hadi Teherani.

Robotics in the old town
15-centimeter-thick walls made of special reinforced concrete with special reinforcement – the colossus that Trisor is building at Heinrich-Heine-Allee 20-22 weighs over 100 tons when empty. A special technology inside the safe ensures special security and a plus in service: A robot transports the safe deposit boxes fully automatically to the private output terminals. Tenants:inside do not need staff to open the locker with them. Self-sufficient, they get access to the deposited belongings at any time of the day or night, seven days a week, via 3-factor authentication using a smart card, their fingerprint and their pin. A complex tech infrastructure with crypto encryption protects the sensitive data. In addition, a VdS-certified security guard constantly secures the 400 square meters from inside and outside.

Design on the Rhine
To match the attractive architecture of the metropolis, Start architect and Trisor advisory board member Hadi Teherani is designing the interior of the high-security site. The architect of Düsseldorf’s Three George puts both security and exclusivity in the design focus – just as he has already done at the Munich location.
Starting in the second quarter of next year, interested parties will use safe deposit boxes in three sizes, and Trisor is already accepting reservations.

“There is no question about the necessity of a safe deposit box – all people who call something valuable their own know that,” explains Marco Wild, Managing Director of Trisor GmbH. “In Düsseldorf, we are particularly proud to offer our service in a prime location. In doing so, we also enter into cooperations with local banks and other partners who want to provide a locker service for their customers.”

About Trisor GmbH

Trisor GmbH is a Berlin-based secure tech company. Dr. Justus Westerburg, a real estate and investment specialist, and Marco Wild, an economist and expert in corporate expansion, act as managing directors. They are rethinking the industry by offering independent, insured and fully automated safe deposit boxes with the highest level of security. Trisor provides its customers with prestigious locations in prime city center locations and a 24/7 digital service for storing their valuables. Following the opening of the first location in the HGHI Tower in Berlin, branches are currently being established in Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Cologne and Düsseldorf.